Here’s a graphic design project I recently completed- a series of promotional posters for SkillsUSA.

My latest animation, the official music video for “Search” from Nacht Plank’s album Alien. Music by Lee Norris. Enjoy!

Here is an animated collage music video I created for the Nacht Plank track "Iba" from the album Broad Tape Band.

Animated collage illustrating a dream of Sigmund Freud.

I am excited to announce that my artwork appears on the cover of this excellent Ambient collaboration between Lee Norris and Craig Murphy. Album review and listening/downloading links below:

My artwork is featured on the awesome new album by Autumn of Communion AKA Lee Norris and Mick Chillage. Click on the link below to check it out!

My artwork appears on the cover of the sick new e.p. by experimental hip hop producer Optms Prme. Click the link to check out the beats!

My artwork appears on the cover of the terrific new 6 track album by experimental German producer Optms Prme. Click the link to listen/download for free.

Free to download/listen- my new album as Most Total on Vaatican Records. Artwork by 4NDR345 M4RCH4L. Enjoy!

Been working on some new auditory collages as Most Total, here’s a link to my Soundcloud:

Transmitted via a pink laser to a lone cosmonaut sometime in the early 21st century. Mutant psychedelic space jazz for the long cryosleep to the furthest reaches of inner-space. Download the album for free via Vaatican Records.

Excited to announce that one of my collages is featured on the upcoming Nacht Plank album "Broad Tape Band" by U.K. electronic mastermind Lee Norris!

Download the free mp3 release of my 1st album as Most Total, thanks to the terrific French experimental label Vaatican Records.

Promotional collage for the lovely and talented Ana Lola Roman. Look for her debut album soon!